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Prepare now for icy trap

Oklahoma weather is a big, fat liar.

Today is a trick.

Tomorrow could be bad news with ice and snow, according to the National Weather Service forecasters.

My goal is to not be lulled into a false sense of security by this deceptive weather today.

I’m going to get ready today — not 10 minutes after the ice arrives tomorrow.

I’m going to be prepared.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and I make these recommendations:

• Buy rock salt for walkways, sand for driveways and a snow shovel for throwing your back out.

• Get your vehicle ready. Keep an emergency travel kit. Make sure everything is in working order and always have at least a half tank of gasoline — unless you don’t have a shovel. In that case, you won’t be going anywhere in the first place. So, refer to Step 1. But you’ll probably hurt yourself shoveling, so you might not drive anywhere even if you have a shovel. And besides, where are you going anyway? It’s snowing!

• You’ll need a Snuggie to keep warm while you’re trapped at home for days on end. Or, if you’re in a pinch, just wear your bathrobe backward.

• Make sure you coordinate with loved ones who may be trapped or in danger because of a power outage. Check on them or invite them over. Make hotel reservations in advance. Odds are there will be at least one person in your house you’ll want to kick out by the time everyone goes back to work and school. I’m looking at you, Uncle Ray.

• Allow your pipes to drip a little and know how to shut off water valves in case your pipes burst. If you feel wasteful, collect the water to give to your houseplants. Or use it to waterboard Uncle Ray.

• Dress warmly in layers. Wear a hat and mittens, which are warmer than gloves. Protect your lungs from the cold with a scarf over your mouth. But then again, where are you going? It’s snowing!

Carrie Coppernoll

Carrie Coppernoll is a columnist and reporter. She was named the top personal columnist in Oklahoma in 2009 and 2010 by the Associated Press and Association of Newspaper Editors. She was also named the 2008 Journalist of the Year by the Oklahoma... Read more ›